Once front runner gets the boot on Idol.

Let me preface this by saying Majesty wasn’t my favorite contestant on the show.  I didn’t peg her to win it all.  However, she was one of the best contestants in terms on versatility.  I knew this which is why I voted for her week in and week out.   I mean who sings “Violet Hill” by Coldplay song in the audition and then comeback a few rounds later to sing “Happy” by Pharrell? on American Idol? No one. Frankly, I’d be surprised if any of the other contestants would could actually pull something like that. Okay, maybe not so surprised if one or two of them did it.  However which ones I am referring to shall remain unnamed.  

Back to Majesty

Yeah, she’s had a one, maybe two near catastrophic performances (See: Let It Go) but that didn’t warrant her the boot before pitchy CJ Harris or bland-bot Dexter.  No one is perfect but she was a breath of fresh air to the competition.  She wasn’t typical. She had a voice that transcended genres.  I want to be critical about America’s perception of her (See: Harry’s Comments [couldnt find a link]) but I’ll save that for later.

Did she deserve the save?Hmmm, that is debatable pending on who the judges’ use it on.

She will be missed on the show. 

America what are you thinking?

P.S. Can “Shake it Out” and “Happy” be reprised on tour?

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X-MEN: Days of Future Past [TRAILER]

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American Idol Season 13 Predictions: UPDATE

American Idol Top 10 became Top 9 a few days ago and I’m back with predictions.  Yeah, I’m a little late.  I would’ve predicted M.K going home nonetheless.  Since the semi-Final rounds she wasn’t carrying enough energy or “umph” to produce a satisfactory performance.

 However, I do love her voice. 

So, my initial predictions were a little off.  After reviewing my original predictions I found myself upset at some of my placements.  I’m sure it made sense then?!?!  Now that the idol hopefuls are fully adjusted to their performance life I have an updated perspective and an updated list for the Top 9.

Predicting who will win this season has proved to be quite the task.  This season the votes are reflecting the performances with one exception, CJ Harris. I like the uncertainty, it makes the show more exciting and less predictable in a sense.  Unlike last season when most viewers could correctly predict the top 3 during hollywood week.  However, this season I did say Sam would make at least top 10 based solely on his audition, but then again I said the same about Malcolm.  Hmmm? 1 out of 2 not so bad! OKAY -> Refocus.

So, with 9 contestants left who is left and who is taking it to the top?  

9. Majesty Rose - One of my faves.  Unless pull out a stellar performance this week and recapture some of the voters she lost after the almost disastrous “Let It Go” performance she’ll be going home. Fingers Crossed in hopes that she stays.

8. Dexter Roberts - This guys has to find some individuality and some stage presence.  I mean I almost forget him every week.  Truthfully, I can’t see him winning no matter what at this point.  He has some work to do  before he’s ready to be a successful artist

7. CJ Harris- I wanted to place him at number 9 but America loves him too much.  As much as America loves this guy and his voice if he doesn’t learn the concept of pitch, he won’t make it.  I think he has only had ONE good performance since the Top 13 and never been in the bottom 3.  Lucky?  

6.Jessica Meuse- She has to learn to loosen up and give great performances.  We should be able to understand what you’re trying to convey in your performances.  If we can’t understand she’ll be going home too.

5. Malaya Watson - One of my favorites. I found her on vine before she was on American Idol.  I’ve seen what she can do and I’m a believer.  All in All she has to learn to control her instrument better and be consistent.  She’s on an upswing as far a performances are concerned.  If she can keep this up she might make it into the top 2.  If she doesn’t she might be going home a lot sooner than what I’m predicting

4.Caleb Johnson - He has it. He just needs to make sure he doesn’t become too predictable and try to make people want to vote for him. If not he won’t beat out the “populars” Alex, Sam (rounds out my top 3 favorite contestants), and Jena.

NOTE: If I had to choose a winner today I would choose Sam.  

Who will stay and who will go is really up in the air. Some contestants are closer to going home than others but bad performances yield bad results. To loosely quote Chris Brown’s song “These fans ain’t loyal.”

On that note I’m out.

PS.  This weeks theme “I’m with the band”


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2. Caught Up In The Rapture

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Pentatonix - Daft Punk

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